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Monday, 10 July 2017 20:26

'Willow in the Wild Woods' Sculpture Exhibition at Rievaulx Terrace, North Yorkshire

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Willow in the Wild Woods by Anna Turnbull

Saturday 1 July - Sunday 27 August

'Discover art in the outdoors. Beautiful rhythmic willow sculptures created by Anna Turnbull hidden throughout the woodland.   

Living in Northumberland, Anna draws on the costal scenery and wildlife around her home for inspiration. In 2008, she started to work with the many varieties of coloured willows grown locally for basketry and the traditional techniques, and started to experiment with the idea of creating willow sculptures. Captivated by the pure organic form, colours and textures of the willows, her passion for creating the unexpected was ignited. 

As visitors walk through the woods they will see a variety of woodland creatures emerging from the trees. A bird swooping upon its prey; a squirrel startled as it scurries up a tree; a pair of red deer engaged in combat.'


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